Jacks Surfing Story

Jack Nordgren tells his story. The journey takes Jack from Chicago as well as the beaches of Southwest Michigan into a mission with theU.S.Navy, the shores of Connecticut, back to Chicago, and thru a miraculous chain of events into Hawaii. 3 years later, Jack, complete circle is back on the shores of Southwest Michigan. The writing of jack is honest, open, and forthright. I found myself completely absorbed in his spiritual journey. His writing is compelling. Jack draws the reader to people of the lives and his stories. Jack understands surfing and surfers. He talks their talk. He understands the interest of the sport and the pull of the breakers. 

In a no hold barred storyline, Jack tells of how he turned into a holic, a beach butt addicted to the sport of surfing. He reveals during a 2 year tour of duty with all the Navy, including alcohol and drug misuse resulting in a lifetime of living and partying, led during the Viet Nam era. Jack was led by this spiral into a search. He turned into the Bible and became mesmerized with Jesus life. He claimed salvation, God’s grace, the promises of Jesus, and a brand-new life. He dedicated himself to follow Jesus along with gave His surf-board as a gift to Jesus.the remainder of the narrative tells how Jesus gave rear Jack’s surfboard. Jack was then called to a lifetime of service in an incredible ministry of evangelism, preaching, along with Bible teaching to surfers on the shores of Hawaii, along with how today Jack is rear in Southwest Michigan assistance to surfers in all the South Shore Fellowship, a body of believers reaching out, with a message of all the transforming power of Jesus while building meaningful relationships with surfers and beach lovers, inviting them to discover personally the reality of a relationship with Jesus.A Lake Surfer’s Journey is a strong message of one man’s journey, of the Way he listened to God Talking to his heart, followed Him in obedience, along with is now inviting others to join him his travel. Dramatically told, powerfully lived. Createspace Publishers, 978-14382264 3 9 As reviewed for Midwest Book Review Richard R.